TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II: The Smart Choice for ruling out VTE

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TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II is intended for the quantitative determination of D-Dimer in plasma by the immunoturbidimetric method.

It can be used to aid in the diagnosis of exclusion of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) disease.

TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II key features:

  • Maximum confidence & safety
  • Manufactured according to Stago Group standards
  • Directly correlated to internationally recognised product, STA®-Liatest® D-Di
  • Highly sensitive assay: clinical reliability
  • Accuracy around the cut-off: providing results you can count on
  • Minimised interferences: Rheumatoid Factor and HAMA
  • Wide measuring range (0.27-20 μg/mL FEU): adapted to all clinical contexts
  • Clinically validated cut off of 0.5 μg/ml (FEU) for use as an aid in the diagnosis of DVT and PE
    • validated on large cohorts of patients (over 4000 cases published)
    • with a cut off of 0.5 μg/ml (FEU), NPV: > 95% for DVT, > 98% for PE

Pre-Calibration: a brand new feature for Tcoag, unique to Stago Group

  • Secure and robust pre-calibration barcodes are provided by Tcoag for your added convenience and peace of mind
  • Only providers of pre-calibration for coagulation assays
  • No need for timely calibrations
  • Standardisation across Tcoag instrument platforms (Destiny Max™ and DT 100)
  • Complete reduction in sources of error

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