Tcoag Thrombophilia Line

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With Tcoag reagents, you have a Comprehensive Thrombophilia Product Offering:

  • Maximum confidence
    Standardised & reliable results, whatever the clinical setting
    • Robust, CE marked reagents
    • Wide working ranges
    • Calibrated to international standards
    • Mechanical clotting detection method,when used on Tcoag platforms,to avoid optical interferences
    • Excellent precision
  • Maximum convenience
    Ergonomic workflow, whatever the workload
    • Full traceability: systematic barcoding of all reagents
    • Simple to use & fully automated on Destiny Max™ and DT 100™
    • Ideal packaging to stability ratio to optimise product usage

Tcoag offers you a complete line of products:

  • TriniCLOT™ PC II
  • TriniCLOT™ PS II
  • TriniCHROM™ Antithrombin IIa &
  • TriniCHROM™ Antithrombin Xa
  • TriniCHECK™ Lupus Screen & Confirm

Think Coag, Think Tcoag!