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Evaluation of the new Tcoag pre-calibrated assay TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II.

A great ISTH session was held July 8-13 in Berlin, Germany. Bronze sponsors, Stago Group were delighted to be a part of this biennial, mainstay event. Many great studies were presented this year, one of which was a new poster coming from Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, United Kingdom detailing a study lead by Helen Lewis and assisted by Katrina Harrison and Dr Jane Needham.

Tcoag Thrombophilia Line

With Tcoag reagents, you have a Comprehensive Thrombophilia Product Offering:

TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II: The Smart Choice for ruling out VTE

TriniLIA™ D-Dimer II is intended for the quantitative determination of D-Dimer in plasma by the immunoturbidimetric method.

DT 100 New analyser for medium-high activity coagulation laboratory (Discover it in video)

Designed to accommodate a variety of applications across a broad range of laboratory testing, DT 100 is a fully automated bench top coagulation analysers, ideal for mid- to high-volume with full walkaway capability.