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DT 100 by Tcoag

DT 100 by Tcoag

What Dual Technology?

Optical Coagulation Detection

  • State-of-the-art photometric module method
  • 4-simultaneous wavelength reading
  • Blue dye to guarantee reagent dispensing

Mechanical Coagulation Detection

  • The original Amelung
  • Reference method since the 70’s
  • No optical interferences from lipemic, icteric or hemolysed

Why Dual Technology?

  • Optical: Clot Waveform Analysis
  • Mechanical: No need for HIL sorting and result provided even with turbid

Designed to accommodate a variety of applications across a broad range of laboratory testing, DT 100 is a fully automated bench top coagulation analysers, ideal for mid- to high-volume with full walkaway capability.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Software

Feature rich, its software powers DT 100 allowing for rapid integration in the lab. The simple, graphical interface of DT 100 can be operated by any lab technician with minimal training.

Ingenious Hardware Design

Tcoag designed DT 100 for simplicity, efficiency and reliability. The system uses different types of reaction vessels for optical measurement, mechanical clotting measurement and dilution, all combined on a unique vessel tray. On-board, the tray is conveyed making all necessary stop for incubation and detection steps. A pipettor arm accurately dispenses samples and reagents. DT 100’s compact design saves space, enabling minimal footprint, with maximum consumable storage.

Unique Dual Technology for Clotting Time determination

DT 100 is the only coagulometer giving you the freedom to choose between two different methods to determine the clotting time, the patented mechanical clot detection via the Ball Method, which eliminates optical interferences from lipemic, icteric or slightly hemolysed samples, and the Optical clot detection with curve display and clot waveform analysis capability.

Worry-Free System assures Accurate Results

DT 100 prompts you if any additional action is required, for example, if you need to add more reagents, cuvette or system fluid. Integrated self-diagnostics make troubleshooting easy.


Product code Product Packaging
DTW DT Wash 24 x 15 mL
Z04050 Destiny Cuvette Trays set of 100
DSF Destiny System Fluid 3 x 3.3 L
626060 1.5 mL Containers 100
242360 Stirring Magnet 10