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Destiny Plus

Destiny Plus

Destiny Plus™ – Medium Throughput Haemostasis Analyser

The demand for rapid, accurate patient results from today’s clinician requires a complete solution for the Haemostasis Laboratory. The Destiny Plus™
represents the ultimate in the fusion of technology and economy for coagulation automation in the mid to large-sized, routine or specialty laboratory.

The unique combination of key features includes:

  • Patented Ball Method Mechanical Testing technology
  • STAT results on-demand in under three minutes
  • IntuiTouch user-friendly software with integrated refl exive testing
  • Comprehensive test menu including clotting, chromogenic and immunoassay analysis

Mechanical Modes

    Mechanical Measuring Modes
  • TRUE mechanical measuring mode, the "Gold standard" - developed and perfected by Amelung
  • Reliable, accurate results on compromised samples - icteric, haemolytic, lipemic and medicated

    Optical Measuring Modes
  • Optical clot detection
  • Chromogenic assays
  • Immunoturbidimetric assays

Easy of use

    • Primary tube sampling from 3mL to pediatric draw tubes; multiple
    sample dilutions – parallelism studies
    • Reagent management by volumes and number of tests remaining;
    reagent expiration monitoring by label and on-board time; uninterrupted
    reagent refi ll
    • Continuous loading of samples, reagents, consumables and unloading
    of liquid and solid waste: refi ll and empty without interruption of sample
    • Ability to manage multiple reagent lots and multiple calibration curves
    • Intuitive touch screen icon driven software
    • Simple maintenance

QC Features/Process Security

  • Absolute sample verification by liquid level sensing probe; level sensing
    of reagents
  • Positive barcode identifi cation of samples and reagents
  • Westgard Rules
  • Levey-Jennings chart
  • Real-time on-line log
  • Maintenance log printout with operator ID tag
  • Access to instrument status from every menuQC Features/Process Security

Speed and Throughput

  • Throughput : 180 PT/hour and 116 PT and APTT/hour
  • Capacity: 440 cuvettes, 50 samples, 26 to 31 positions for reagents
    and controls
  • Fast turn-around-time : time until fi rst 4 results: 3 min minimum walkaway
    time of 2 hours
  • STAT ordering of any sample on board in any position


Product code Product Packaging
350361 Destiny Syringe - plunger tips 1 pack
626065 Plastic Reagent Vessel 12 mL 100
626060 1.5mL Containers 100
144005 Destiny Waste Tray (in instrument) 1
Z04050 Destiny cuvette Trays Set of 100
A6471 Lysol 1 x 5 L
242360 PTT Stirring Magnet 10
DPW10 Destiny Prowash 12 x 10 mL