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Our Values

As a leader in the business of Haemostasis and Thrombosis diagnosis, these “reference” values inspire the way The Stago Group conducts its development:

Our mission is to supply efficient, safe systems to the health sector so as to better prevent, understand, treat and monitor Haemostasis pathologies.

Customer satisfaction

A key Stago Group value shared by each employee.

We are determined to satisfy our customers. We do everything we can to achieve excellence and we wish to establish a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Customer satisfaction also applies internally, via our readiness to support every employee in The Stago Group through attentive listening and personalized follow-up.


Specialised in Haemostasis for more than 70 years, our customers testify best to it.

The Stago Group expertise has been built and reinforced over the years. It legitimates our position as a benchmark industrial company for Haemostasis in the world.

We owe our scientific excellence to our expert staff, each working in their specialties. Thanks to their highly varied range of professions and competencies, they make The Stago Group’s success possible at the highest level.


Foreseeing the needs, discovering relevant markers and new exploratory ways in haemostasis, so as to provide patients with the best care.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. Our teams of researchers are attentive to customers’ needs and develop intelligent and ever more effective product lines and services.

The sense of innovation drives everyone to surpass themselves and to fully express their enthusiasm and creativity. We constantly strive to reconcile technological innovation with new internal practices, with one ultimate goal: enhance medical practice in the interest of health and patients.


A comprehensive approach of quality, focused on our business, our operations and our products, dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The Stago Group demands a high level product and service quality and has adopted a continuous improvement policy at every level.

Seeking perfection also means creating a stimulating workplace for our employees and encouraging them to improve every day. Being at once ambitious and yet humble is how we improve at The Stago Group.

Team Spirit

From R&D to the Haemostasis laboratory, a network of professionals and teams work toward customer satisfaction.

The Stago Group excels in its field because of our teams’ close cooperation, sharing diverse and complementary skills.

We are together and we share best practices to always advance even further together. At The Stago Group, team spirit, initiative, and individual performance combine in our shared view of best practices and progress, regardless of our individual differences.


Putting the patient at the heart of our concerns is a fundamental and long-term commitment.

We will ensure that this core value of our organisation remains a major part of our business foundation.

We recognise and value the contribution of our people and each individual can contribute to fulful our commitment and to achieve our mission.