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Industry and Supply Chain Careers

Accounting for 32% of the workforce, Industry and Supply Chain careers start where R&D stops, with the industrialization, production and distribution of reagents, instruments and consumables.

They are supported by specialists in continuous improvement, procurement, purchasing and maintenance, who assist them throughout this process.

With a constant sense of reactivity, and a marked "solution" mindset, the upstream and downstream Supply Chain experts assure the shipment of products in France and worldwide and manage inventory.

Some examples of Industry and Supply Chain jobs:

Biologist Technician Pilot Laboratory/Production/Quality Control


  • Working for the Pilot Laboratory or Production, you assure the production of trial batches or larger-scale production of the reagents in the line.
  • If working in Quality Control, you personally supervise the final inspection operations on these products.


  • You have a BTS or DUT (2-year higher education diploma) in Biological Analyses, Biochemistry, Bio analyses and Controls, Biological Engineering and Biotechnologies.

Production Team Manager


  • You are in charge of the production of a line of products and coordinating a team of biologist technicians and production operators with a constant objective of respecting deadlines and quality standards.
  • You validate the records and propose upgrades of production procedures.


  • You have an engineering degree in Biochemistry or Biological Engineering.



  • Whether for production (mass and projects) or off-production, the Buyer’s job is to buy the products and services the company needs on the best terms (quality, cost, margin, delivery times).
  • You prospect, select and negotiate with suppliers and many internal customers.


  • You have a top business school or engineering degree with a specialization in purchasing and experience in the industrial sector.