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What are the hallmarks of Tcoag?

A Coagulation Legacy: The patented Amelung mechanical detection system is a “Gold Standard”, built in all Tcoag instruments. Continuous improvement programs have been implemented to reengineer the processes and strengthen the business fundamentals.

At Tcoag, we are committed to enhancing the quality of healthcare by offering laboratories advanced testing systems and superior services coupled with the fruit of our expertise and know-how in Coagulation.

This is why we want to be “Your Coagulation Company”.

Tcoag is a Stago Group Company

At Tcoag we develop, manufacture and provide a complete coagulation solution including reagents, instruments and consumables. Tcoag fully benefits from the unparalleled expertise of Stago to provide best in class assays and services to its existing and future customers.

CE-marked IVD products

Tcoag products are developed through a network located in several European countries. Reagents are manufactured in Ireland and France while all instruments are designed and built in Germany. This combination guarantees that the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.

Unique on the Destiny & DT100 lines

Tcoag instruments provide a unique feature on its Destiny and DT100 lines of automated analysers. Customer can choose to perform selected assays using mechanical and/or optical clot detection technology allowing laboratories to perfectly balance between uncompromised analytical performances and cost effectiveness.

And more to come…

Tcoag offers a complete line of systems from the semi-automated KC line to the mid to high throughput fully automated Destiny & DT100 lines. In the near future, new models of analysers will be introduced offering state of the art features. In addition new best-in-class reagents will be launched to leverage our comprehensive portfolio.