New Destiny Max software unveiled in Argentina

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For the launch of Destiny Max’s latest software, the Tcoag & Other Ranges Support team organised an on-site workshop on the premises of its Argentinian distributor, Medica-Tec. The event was a first for Tcoag, and it brought together the brand’s main Latin American distributors.

The new version of Destiny Max features a number of improvements to the instrument. However, the documentation for these changes is significant and application may appear complex. To help its Latin American distributors grasp these changes, Tcoag & Other Ranges Support decided to organise a workshop. 

Mexico, Chile, Brazil and of course Argentina were in attendance at this event, the first of its kind, which took place over five days. Alongside the presentation of the new software, an advanced training course provided by the two Tcoag Support Application and After-Sales Service coordinators was offered for the brand’s other instruments (Destiny Max, DT 100 and Destiny Plus). Participants shared their views during hands-on workshops with the instruments and software.   

The operation was a success, and the number of participants shows the significant interest in this type of event. With cultural and professional exchanges in a trilingual setting, the meeting helped strengthen group cohesion among the Latin American distributors, developing their familiarity with Tcoag instruments and the various difficulties encountered in their fields (Application Specialist and After-Sales Service Specialist), and boosted good relations with our Argentinian distributor.

Tcoag would like to thank all the distributors present, and especially Medica-Tec for the dedication of Marcelo Zegen and his teams and the support of Fabian Franzé in organising this workshop. 

Why not repeat the experience in the near future, perhaps on other continents?

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